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Experiencing sign language through
music is an
exciting & fun way to learn!

  • Childcare Settings - Infant to Pre-K

       Children as young as 6 months can sing and sign with Ms. Janine! Together we           learn to sign our colors, foods, feelings, animals, so much more!  With relevant         music for this age group, I create a musical program using  guitar and vocals.         Please email for rates. This program typically fills up quickly.  

  • Elementary Schools


      Together we build a vocabulary that includes all the signs in

      Infant to Pre-K.  We learn to put words together with more detail and                         complexity. Programs are all set to  age appropriate music with songs that the         children already know. With my guitar & vocals I create a musical program that         is relevant for this age group. Please email for exact rates.

  • After School Programs

        In this program we begin to learn everyday phrases & basic conversational                  signs through  music.  After school program rates are based on length of                  contract. Please email to discuss in more detail.


  • Adults with Special Needs

  • Singing songs they know and love. Adding simple signs to go along with each song. Encouraging rhythm and movement.

  • Helping staff and clients add sign vocabulary words for their everyday needs.

  • Special Events

         Lets talk about what you have planned and I will create a program specific to          your needs.Please contact me via email with the date,  description of your              event, age group and size.  

  • Senior Centers Sing Along 

         Seniors  just love Ms. Janines sing alongs!  From music all the way back to the           early 1900's through decades of number 1 hits ! Sing alongs are a great way to           get people moving !  I also mix in signs for seniors that help them express                   needs and feelings with each other, their families or care givers.  Contact                   me for programming rates.




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