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I am writing this as both a parent and an early childhood educator! The Children of The Education Center love when Ms. Janine comes to sign and sign with us. She has become an integral part of our curriculum. We have even incorporated much of the sign language that we have learned from Janine into our program starting in our infant room. The students are all so excited when she walks through the door they don’t even realize how much they are learning through her music program. Hearing their shrieks of delight as she pulls out her purple guitar are what make my job worth doing!!


As a parent my son looks forward to going to school on “Ms. Janine Days” and has started using sign language as well as his words to communicate. Ms. Janine always accommodates his special requests and he is always proud of his stamp, he shows everyone!


If you haven’t booked with Janine yet, stop waiting she is amazing and so worth it!!

Liz, New Milford CT

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